Five-Day School Applied in Stages

Media Indonesia, page 2

The five-day school policy is only applied in schools that have been declared ready. The policy contained in Permendikbud No. 23 of 2017 on School Days is applied gradually starting the 2017-2018 academic year. Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Hamid Muhammad said that the 8 hour school day system would be implemented in the new school year for schools that are ready. For schools that are not ready it will be done gradually.

He said that there are about 9,300 schools in 9 regencies/ cities that are ready to implement this policy. This figure is only about 3 percent of the 297,368 schools throughout Indonesia. Schools that are declared ready have previously been assessed by the education office in their respective regions. There is a minimum requirement to implement a five-day a week school system.

Hamid reminded that his directorate would oversee the implementation of the five-day school system. If a school is forced to apply this policy, it is requested to report to Kemendikbud. Studying eight hours a day does not mean students are learning eight hours in the classroom. Teachers should combine intra curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular in teaching and learning activities.

Meanwhile, Mendikbud, Muhadjir Effendy said his ministry was preparing the technical guidelines in the implementation of this five-day school system.  To that end  Kemendikbud would also consult with the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

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