Eight-Hour per day Teaching only Applied for PNS Teachers

Republika, page 9

The five-day school policy with eight school hours per day is considered detrimental to temporary teachers. The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) explains that an eight-hour per day teaching program only applies to civil servant (PNS) teachers and certification allowance recipients.

Hamid also invited the temporary teachers who objected to participating in teaching for eight hours. In addition, if the temporary teachers objected, then they could move to another school.

Previously, Chairperson of the Indonesia Category Two Temporary Teachers Forum Titi Purbaningsih expressed her disappointment over the implementation of the five-day school (LHS) policy by Kemendikbud.  According to her, with the full day school system, it would be difficult for temporary teachers to add other income aside from teaching.

He assumed that the reason Kemendikbud spawned a five-day school policy in a week was because of assessing excessive workload borne by civil servant teachers is very wrong. Because, what occurred on the ground was, about 60 percent of civil servant teachers’ duties were handled by temporary teachers.

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