Junior High School (SMP) Level being The Most Number in Implementing UNBK

Media Indonesia, page 11

The National Exam (UN) results of Junior High School (SMP)/ Islamic Junior High School (MTs) level were announced on June 2, 2017. This education level had the highest numbers holding Computer-Based National Exam (UNBK) compared to Senior High School (SMA) and equivalent. There were 8,879 SMP, 1,970 MTs, 198 SMP Terbuka, as well as 693 Community Learning Centers (PKBM), for a total of 1,349,744 students of SMP and equivalent taking the UNBK.

Nevertheless, school percentage and UNBK students of SMP level was still lower than the senior level at 32 percent. This was because 2,855,633 SMP/MTs students took the Paper National Exam (UNKP).

The increase in the numbers taking UNBK at SMP level from 2016-2017 rose from 156,320 to 1,349,744 students, or some 860%.

The Head of Center for Assessment and Education of Kemendikbud, Nizam, stated that there were two provinces (DKI Jakarta and DI Yogyakarta) in which 100 percent of SMP/MTs students took UNBK. In terms of the distribution of schools implementing UNBK, they ranged from State Junior High School (SMPN) Urei Faisei located in the underdeveloped village in Waropen Regency, Papua in the east to SMPN 1 Sabang, Sabang City, Aceh in the west.

Nizam said that in general, implementation of UN SMP went smoothly even though there were some technical problems such as internet connection problem, network failure, and server/computer failure.

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