School and Regional Diversity is Appreciated

Kompas, page 12

The Ministry of Education and Culture reiterates that the five-day school policy is only facultative or optional. The policy only applies to schools that are adequate in terms of resources and sustained by the surrounding environment.

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education Kemdikbud Hamid Muhammad said, in Jakarta, Thursday (15/6), the policy of five-day-school was submitted to the regions to register schools ready to implement in July and which schools are not ready. School diversity, including geographic conditions, remains to be considered.

Hamid reminded that if the Curriculum 2013 is implemented optimally, students actually come home late afternoon. School hours for junior high school (SMP) students, for example, can be until 15:00 hrs.   High school (SMA) students could be till 15.30hrs. Vocational high school (SMK) students could even be till 17:00hrs.  Hamid said, 8 hours per day in school does not mean continuous learning in the classroom. Two additional hours at school are filled with out-of-class/school activities with a variety of both co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Hamid said Kemdikbud will soon coordinate with the Directorate General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs to develop technical cooperation among schools and educational institutions, such as madrasah diniyah and boarding schools (pesantren). Schools are expected to optimize learning resources outside school by collaborating and encouraging community participation.

Head of Communications and Public Service Bureau Kemdikbud Ari Santoso explained, Thursday, technical guidance on the implementation of five-day school has been prepared and soon published next week. These technical guidelines will serve as a reference for schools to run a program of character building education with emphasis on five main values, namely religious, nationalist, mutual assistance, self-reliance, and integrity.


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