Free Books Spur Interest in Reading

Kompas, page 13

Not all Indonesian children has access to reading quality books. In fact, reading a book can improve insight, knowledge, and character formation from an early age. Providing books for children with difficulty in access due to economic reasons is expected to be a solution. On Saturday (17/6), Kompas Gramedia through Literasi Nusantara Movement #AkuBaca delivers Moving Books packages to community reading parks to a number of regions in the country.

General Manager of Communications Management Kompas Gramedia Saiful Bahri explained that in the first phase, he sent 11 packages of books to 11 community reading parks spread across six provinces in Indonesia, namely Papua, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara, East Java, Central Java, and Riau. Some of the books include children’s reading books and general knowledge.   In total, there are about 400 titles. The mission of this program is to foster Indonesian children’s interest in reading.

The move is relevant to the UNESCO 2015 notes that Indonesia’s reading interest is only 0.001 percent. That is, from 1.000 Indonesians, only 1 person likes to read.   The Literasi Nusantara Movement #AkuBAca is to support the government’s free book delivery program to the regions. The distribution of book packages is done on the 17th of each month through PT Pos Indonesia.

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