Mendikbud Allows Fee Charges

Media Indonesia, page 23

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy in connection with the enactment of a five-day school allows the school to charge additional fees to parents or guardians for the purpose of completing the facilities and infrastructure for the school’s five-day character reinforcement program which is officially implemented this year.

It is with the provision that the school charges being made should be approved by parents and decided through the school committee, and it is for the advancement of the school. And it does not burden the parents. However, if it burdens the parents the charges should not be made.   This was conveyed by Mendikbud when accompanying President Joko Widodo on his visit to Pemuda Building of Temanggung Regency, on Saturday (17/6).

Muhadjir ensured that the five-day school character reinforcement program will continue to be implemented this year. Because it has become a government program. However, character building should not only be done within the school, it could also be conducted outside the school. He explained that the implementation of this five-day school program requires changes in the school’s mindset, especially the school principal’s.  For that he will start with changing the principals’ mindsets.

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