Draft Presidential Regulation on Five-Day School System Discussed

Koran Tempo, page 8

Ministry of Education and Culture together with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, representatives of the Indonesia Ulemas Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia), and religious education institutions discussed the draft Presidential Regulation (perpres) on Strengthening Character Education that is replacing the Education and Culture Minister Regulation (Permendikbud) No 23 Year 2017 on School Days.

Directorate General for Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, Hamid Muhammad, said in the meeting they discussed the aspirations of all parties to formulate the draft and also talked about the solution for madrasah/Islamic schools that could potentially be affected by the new rules. Hamid said the rules in the Perpres will prioritize the issue of character education rather than the study time issue. But the policy will be synchronized with the regulation on teacher work hours.

President Joko Widodo stated that he would issue a presidential regulation as the basis for the policy in lieu of the Permendikbud on School Days. On Monday last week, Minister of Education, Muhadjir Effendy signed Permendikbud No. 23 of 2017 on School Days stating that the implementation of education to five days a week was by adding study hours to eight hours per day. The new rules sparked protests from many who feared that other educational institutions, such as madrasah, would be disrupted.

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