Ministry of Home Affairs (Mendagri): Regions Should Follow Kemendikbud’s Policy

Republika, page 1

The Minister of Ministry of Home Affairs (Mendagri), Tjahjo Kumolo, said that all regional heads should follow the five-day school policy suggested by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). He admitted, however, that to date his ministry had not received any statements of rejection from the regions in regard to the policy.

Tjahjo said that the five-day policy with eight hours per day of study time came under the main duties and functions (tupoksi) of Kemendikbud. The curriculum for such a system was totally the responsibility of Kemendikbud. Basically, his official position was only that both private and public school policy should be the same, including the budget.

Tjahjo explained that the reinforcement of the Permen by this Perpres was expected to minimize any problems in society. In this way, their wishes could be accommodated and incorporated in the new regulation. He added that in preparing this Perpres, the President would involve a number of Ministries and Institutions, including mass Islamic organizations such as MUI, Nahdatul Ulama (NU), and Muhammadiyah.

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