Poor Certificates Need to be Verified

Kompas, page 12

The quota of 20 percent for underprivileged students in student admissions is potentially tainted by fraud. A certificate of inadequacy/underprivileged (SKTM) can be a mode for parents to enter their children to favorite schools. If caution is not taken the available seats are not really earned by the students who are indeed entitled to them.

At least, this is found in the area of ​​South Tangerang City, Banten. In SMA Negeri 7, the school management found a citizen applying for SKTM that was allegedly incompatible with the true reality. Vice Principal of SMA Negeri 7 South Tangerang Nanang Sayuti said, he often found prospective students who are SKTM holders living in elite areas. This problem arises because of the lack of verification from RT/RW to the kelurahan levels.

In Depok City, SKTM is signed by the principal of the applicant’s school of origin. In fact, the certificate should be issued by the local kelurahan. The SKTM used to apply to the state junior high school in Depok was issued by the applicant’s primary school of origin and signed by the principal on stamp duty.

Meanwhile, in Solo, Central Java, schools have difficulty in conducting factual verification of prospective new students’ families enrolling using SKTM or Kartu Keluarga Miskin (Gakin). This is because the Ministry of Education and Culture or Central Java Provincial Administration do not provide clear criteria of what constitutes the poor.

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