Prioritize Program Content

Kompas, page 12

The government needs to ensure the freedom for schools to run the school day according to their individual needs and conditions. In terms of character building, the key is the service and content of the programs, not the duration of schooling time. Educational observer Doni Koesoema said the presidential regulation (perpres) that is later the basis of the school’s character building program should be more comprehensive regarding educational content and services. It must be ensured that at every moment the students get the services that sustain character formation. The moments in question, are from the moment the learner enters the school gate, are in class and outside the classroom, at school and community activities, until returning home.

Doni hopes that the Perpres will be more comprehensive and accommodates the diversity of realities in the field so that the polemic would subside.   The format should be set up, if the school is a private school and if the school is a public school.

Separately, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung admitted that the five-day school had already been conveyed in a limited meeting in February 2017. However, since there were many pros and cons and many regions were not ready, this policy is evaluated and has not been implemented.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy in a meeting of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association said yesterday that the spirit of strengthening character education is not for uniformity, but to explore local wisdom. This is in line with Jokowi-JK’s education policy, which is not for uniform education. Muhadjir added that the preparation of inputs to the Perpres that strengthens the ministerial regulation on school days involves a number of ministries/ institutions and community organizations.

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