New Student Admissions Must Be Addressed

Koran Sindo, page 10

New student admissions (PPDB) in Depok City this year should be addressed so that there are no more irregularities/divergences. Depok is considered as one of the cities whose PPDB system is problematic in West Java, in addition to Bekasi and Cirebon. This was disclosed by member of West Java Regional Representatives, Waras Wasisto yesterday (21/6).

Waras appealed that the occurrence of “special student” should not happen again. He asked that the school principals be fair in running the PPDB so that the authority to determine the existing quota such as community development, underprivileged children, and children with disabilities could be used accordingly and not be commercialized.

Head of Depok City Education Agency Thamrin asserted that his party would control the PPDB this year by applying the zoning system. With this system, he continued, the distance of school and residence of prospective learners will be the priority of the new student admissions. This is stipulated in the Permendikbud No 17 of 2017.

In addition, he asserted that in the PPDB there are no registration fees/charges allowed. He asked that there be no perpetrators conducting the levy, because according to the provision there are no charges whatsoever in the PPDB process.

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