School Days Optional

Kompas, page 13

Presidential Regulation which will strengthen the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 23/2017 on School Days should be more emphasizing on the substance of character building in schools/madrasahs rather than the matter of school days. Regarding school days, let it be optional in nature, according to the diversity and uniqueness of the institutions.

Director General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Kamaruddin Amin said that if the school day is set for five days, education under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, both formal madrasah (MI, MTs, and MA) as well as non-formal education (madrasah diniyah, Quran education park and pesantren) could be affected.

Kamaruddin explained that it is very difficult to apply the five days in formal madrasahs. That’s because education in madrassas in addition to applying 100 percent of the national curriculum, also have 10 hours of religious education set by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. By applying two curricula, in general the madrasah students come home at 15.00 hrs (3 PM), with a count of six school days.

According to Kamaruddin, by sitting together between the Kemenag and Kemdikbud along with various other related elements, the input for Presidential Regulation (Perpres) should emphasize on strengthening character education. Thus, its implementation also accommodates the diversity of institutions and the existing implementation thus far.

Kamarudin hopes that the legal umbrella of the perpres would not harm the community / institutions that serve a significant number of students. Madrasahs have about 10 million students, while madrasah diniyah takes care of about 6 million santri/students. Kamaruddin said that character education in madrasah has uniqueness by the strengthening of religious education. To support the character building education, religious education materials will be enriched with national insights, multicultural education, and anticorruption.

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