Yogyakarta Adds 18 New Islamic Schools (Madrasah)


The number of Islamic Schools in DI Yogyakarta (DIY) is to be increased in 2017. The Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) RI has issued operational permits for 18 new Islamic schools in DIY and 13 Islamic kindergartens (Raudhatul Athfal/RA/TK). The Decree (SK) handover for the operation of these Islamic schools was implemented by the Head of the Regional Office (Kanwil) of Kemenag DIY, on Wednesday (21/6).

According to the Division Head (Kabid) of Islamic School Education, Edhi Gunawan, those receiving the Decree of Operational Permit for this year were 13 Islamic kindergartens, 4 Islamic elementary schools (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah), 9 Islamic junior high schools (Madrasah Tsanawiyah), and 5 Islamic senior high schools (Madrasah Aliyah). He said that his officials deliberately issued the Decree before new student admission so that on its receipt the institutions would be able to open registration for new students.

He regarded the Decree handover for these new Islamic schools and kindergartens in DIY to be in accordance to PMA Number 90 Year 2012 and Decree of the Director General (Dirjen) of Pendis Number 1385 Year 2014.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs DIY, Muhammad Lutfi Hamid, in his opening remark at the Decree handover, said that Islamic schools should be able to be independent. From Lutfi’s view, the independent concept for Islamic school is quite necessary to their sustainability in the future.

He admitted that in order to create such institutions as being independent, Islamic schools’ management had to consider four points for implementation: (1) educational institution branding, (2) system development, (3) targets and commitment, as well as (4) publication and actualization.

Besides implementing these four points, Islamic schools should also have a robust system of institutional management. The system should be developed the correct manner. Lutfi mentioned that there were three systems that should be developed by Islamic schools to achieve this: system of finance, curriculum, and management of property owned by the foundation or Islamic boarding schools (pondok pesantren).


Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/17/06/22/orwtfm382-yogyakarta-tambah-18-madrasah-baru


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