Assessment of the Learning Process

Kompas, page 10, Thursday, June 29

Teachers should monitor the progress of each student in the learning process. Assessment is not just focused on the end result. Therefore, autonomy for teachers is needed so that teachers could adjust the subject matter in the curriculum to the conditions of each class. For that, there needs to be continuous teacher training so that teachers could assess students more than merely assessing their cognitive achievements or numbers. This was revealed by Chairperson of the Cahaya Guru Foundation Henny Supolo. She emphasized that justice in the educational process does not mean giving or asking for the same from all students. Because, the abilities of each student differ.

A similar opinion was raised by Surabaya University (Ubaya) education psychologist Anindito Aditomo. Based on Ubaya research in collaboration with the Center for Education and Policy Studies in five primary schools (SD) in Surabaya and four primary schools in Bandung, it was found that the range of students’ abilities in the same class ranged from 3-4 years. He argues every student has a different intelligence. Some are cognitively intelligent, some are motor intelligent; others are affectively intelligent.  It is the nature of every human being.

The problem is, continued Anandito, the school curriculum is rigid. All students are required to achieve the same target within the same time. In fact, not only do students’ abilities differ, classroom conditions are also largely determined by the location access of an area and the availability of human resources.

He added it would be ideal if teachers are given autonomy to develop teaching materials according to conditions on the ground. So, the curriculum should set minimum standards, not maximum. Standard implementation could be done gradually, as in developed countries. For example, the grade levels I-III SD minimum standard is only for Indonesian lessons. Only in grades IV-VI would the minimum standards for Mathematics be applied. According to him, this makes it easier for students to absorb and understand the materials because they could focus and not be burdened by the standards of all subjects.

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