Classroom Management is the Key for Learning

Kompas, page 10, Friday, June 30

The standard curriculum achievement is not an obstacle for teachers to maximize learning for students. The classroom management system that emphasizes each student’s abilities will be the key to learning. Endah Priyati, a history teacher of SMAN 12 Bekasi City, West Java, said that every teacher must memorize the names of the students along with their uniqueness. Because, there are students who are strong in the visual, audio, motor, and cognitive side.

In addition, Endah also knows the background of each student’s parenting pattern. This is very helpful for communicating teaching materials to students and parents. The dialogues are sustainable with recorded developments.

Elanda Rosita, Deputy Principal of SDN 2 Pagi Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, said that with the primary school curriculum having thematic concept, teachers should be creative and think about new approaches in teaching. If the approach is monotonous, students cannot capture/absorb the materials taught.  In fact, students whose cognitive abilities are lacking are less likely to follow the lessons.

Elanda also regularly gathers parents to be provided direction, usually before each change of chapters in textbooks. Because students’ time in school is limited, the absorption of learning materials could optimally be done if students are also guided by parents at home.

Head of the Center for Books and Curriculum of Kemendikbud, Awaludin Tjalla, said that teachers as managers in the classrooms should be able to manage class, time, and determine the appropriate interventions in line with the characteristics of children.

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