Creating a School as Being a Second Home

Kompas, page 1, Wednesday, June 28

Reformation of educational system at a school should be implemented to create a school as being a second home. Schools should be safe and fun, thus schools really become a good place to develop and protect children from various physical, psychic, verbal, and social threats. The expectation of this path is the birth of a future generation that are bright and with strong character.

The educational psychologist of Surabaya University, Anindito Aditom, said that actually a school should be child-friendly. Sadly, however, it’s a fact that a number of schools are not able to provide safety for their students.

Welcoming the new academic year, government has come back to socialize the movement of child-friendly schools. Before Eid holiday, the Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, invited local government to create schools as a second home for students.

Child-unfriendly behavior often found in schools is discrimination towards children because of their ethnicity, religion, and belief, as well as their parents’ social-economic status.

In addition, violence experienced by students comes in the form of ridicule, unconcerned attitude, intimidation, even physical violence among students, teachers and educational personnel. Muhadjir said that student orientation should be far from initiation or violence. In the Socialization of Regulation/Policy of Primary and Secondary Education in Order to Early Preparation of Academic Year 2017/2018, Muhadjir said that student orientation should be led by deputy headmasters for student division, not by students. The content is introduction of a new learning environment and building of nationalism or love for the Motherland.

Muhadjir stated that to create a school as a second home for children, New Student Admission (PPDB) with zonal system was being applied. The purpose is to enable children to study in locations close to their homes. This effort is also to equalize the quality of educational services for the children of the nation, with schools no longer being labeled as favorite and non-favorite.


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