Prioritize Appointment of Civil Servant Teachers

Kompas, page 10, Wednesday, June 28

The shortage of permanent teachers occurs in almost all regions, especially for primary school teachers. Therefore, the government is asked to immediately appoint teachers with the priority of the appointment of civil servant teachers. Chairperson of the Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association, UNIFAH Rosyidi said that for the 3T areas (frontier, remote, and disadvantaged), the government could appoint temporary teachers qualified to become civil servant (PNS) teachers or as P3K status teachers (government employee with employment agreement).

Unifah doubts the claim of the Ministry of Education and Culture that the number of teachers is actually excessive, but unevenly distributed. The reason is because the excess mentioned by the government also includes temporary teachers.

Separately, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel, of Kemdikbud, Sumarna Surapranata said that the number of teachers is currently around 2.92 million. There are as many as 727,981 temporary teachers in state schools. He said that the condition of teachers in the regions there are those in shortage of teachers and there are also those in excess, but they are not evenly distributed.  The shortage of teachers will be filled with the appointment of P3K teachers.  Meeting the need for these teachers should be observed because based on the ratio of teachers and students nationally, Indonesia still has a surplus of teachers.

Head of the State Employment Agency, Bima H Wibisana in the Coordination Meeting for Assignment of Frontier Teachers for 2016, said that the appointment of teachers, would be prepared with government employees with employment agreement.   For 3T areas it would benefit the teachers so they do not easily move around.

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