Zoning Simplifies School Management

Kompas, page 12, Friday, June 23

A 90 percent quota for local students in new student admissions is considered to benefit the school.  It is easier for schools to manage students. Students also benefit from having no difficulty in getting to school, both in terms of time and cost.

Vice Principal of SMAN/State High School 97, Jakarta, Ruslan said that when students have to follow extracurricular activities until 17:00hrs, the teachers are also not worried because it doesn’t take long for students to get home. It is different if the students are from areas far away from school. Ruslan said that the safety of students is more vulnerable because they have to “struggle” with vehicles on the roads with long distances. There are some who change public transport several times.

Ruslan added that the zoning system in Jakarta has been implemented since 2014. The portion is 55 percent for children based on zoning in the vicinity of the school and 35 percent for children from other areas of DKI Jakarta. The remaining 10 percent is divided by two, i.e. 5 percent for outstanding children’s path and 5 percent for non-DKI Jakarta students. Zoning arrangements are carried out by the provincial education agency.

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