Governor to Reassign Teachers Involved in Illegal Charges

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie confirmed that he would immediately reassign teachers who were proven to impose illegal levies on primary to senior high school students. The move, said the Governor in Gorontalo, should be done because the provincial administration through the flagship program has eliminated tuition fees. He asked parents to report directly to him, if they found cases of illegal levies in their respective schools.

The report may be submitted in person by going to the governor’s official home and private home, or via a short message on his personal contact number.  Rusli said if the data is complete and proven, he will not hesitate to immediately reassign the teacher to a remote place like Pohuwato Regency.

According to him, the education sector is foremost because Gorontalo is unlike other areas rich in natural resources (SDA) for the welfare of its people. Rusli emphasized that Gorontalo’s wealth is only in human resources (HR), and this must be improved, through school education it is expected that teachers work sincerely and provide the best for improving the quality of human resources in the region.

To compensate for all that, he continued, the government will not close its eyes by continuing to pay attention to the welfare of teachers, and claimed to have ordered the Head of the Education Agency to provide salaries of temporary teachers at least equivalent to the Gorontalo Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP). In addition, the Governor asserted himself to provide scholarships to higher education for students who are smart and achievers but underprivileged.


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