PGRI: Pemda Better Understands the Education System for Students

Acting (Plt) Chairperson of the Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI), Unifah Rasidi said that the central government should consider the local policy related to the five-day school program (LHS). Because a number of regional administrations (Pemda) have their own educational programs and systems tailored to the needs of the community.

Unifah asked that the central government not arrange in detail the program. She fears the program would actually conflict with the character education programs that have already been established in the respective regions. The central government should only prepare guide lines and the regions would translate them.

According to her, in some schools in the regions there are still many that set the schooling until noon at 12.00. After that students are encouraged to follow religious lessons until the afternoon.

While in many other schools that apply schooling until Saturday; on that day students would get additional lessons such as English or other extracurricular subjects.


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