About Us

The Education News Monitoring Service has been carried out by the Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership since April 2013. ACDP is a facility to promote education policy dialogue and reform in Indonesia.  ACDP is led by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Bappenas, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, funded by the Australian Government and the European Union, and administered by the Asian Development Bank.

The news monitoring service was previously provided under the Basic Education Capacity Trust Fund (BEC-TF) with support from the European Union, the Government of the Netherlands and the World Bank. Before this, the service was initially supported by AusAID Indonesia Basic Education Program Contractor Strategic Advisory Services (CSAS.)

ACDP would like to acknowledge this past support and we look forward to continuing and building upon this valuable service for all those stakeholders and development partners working in the Indonesian education sector.

To subscribe or unsubscribe from this daily service, please contact education.news@ acdp-indonesia.org.

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