Character Education Must be Supported by Qualified Teachers

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is preparing a five-day school program (LHS). This is done so that on the weekend students could be together with family for recreation. The program is also aimed at building students’ character education.

According to the Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers’ Union (FSGI), Retno Listyarti, character education is not merely formed by longer hours of schooling. Character education should be supported by the quality of teachers when teaching. Facilities and infrastructure must be adequate in building students’ character.  She said that the program may work well if it is implemented in certain schools that are adequate in facilities such as playground, place of worship, and rest area.

Related to the five-day school program, Retno said that this program is suitable to accommodate students in urban areas. Because, many students who are in the regions must go home from school quicker because the children there should help their parents work in the fields, for example.

In addition, Retno continued that in the regions means of transportation is fairly limited. There is a city or regency whose transportation operates until 15:00hrs/3.00 pm.

If the child is in school for eight hours and maybe go home later than that, then they will have trouble coming home. School hours that are too long will also hinder children’s play activities with friends around the house which is their main environment.


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