Teacher Expertise Strategized

Kompas, page 12

The shortage of 91,861 productive teachers in SMK is sought to be gradually met.  The strategy in the fulfillment of productive teachers is by adding dual skills/expertise to qualified general teachers. The competences of productive teachers currently available continue to be strengthened. Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said providing double expertise for normative and adaptive teachers in vocational high schools whose number is excessive in order to become productive teachers is considered more effective. In addition to being able to press financing, the move can also be accelerated.

Muhadjir targets that, by 2019, 40,000 productive teachers from dual skills programs can be fulfilled. Along with that, new teachers are also recruited, both from polytechnics and other general higher education institutions. He said the revitalization of SMK according to the mandate of President Joko Widodo should be done for institutional, facilities and infrastructure, up to suitability of competences with market needs.

Director General of Kemdikbud Teachers and Education Personnel Sumarna Surapranata added that 12,741 normative and adaptive SMK teachers are currently undergoing training as productive teachers for a year. In July, there will be another transfer of teachers through the dual expertise of about 15,000 teachers. Teachers participating in the dual skills programs undergo training and education for one year. It is alternating, namely mastery of theory through modules that are prepared independently with the help of instructors. Then, the mastery of new skills competencies in SMK as set by or comes from industry.

Sumarna said the cooperation on improving vocational education, including teacher competence, is conducted among others with France and the Netherlands. This year it is targeted that 600 productive teachers receive training and internships in industries in France and the Netherlands.

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