Five Cheating Teachers are Threatened to be Dismissed

Jawa Pos, page 1

The threat of dismissal for teachers who are proven cheating in the implementation of the national standard school exam (USBN) and the national exam (UN) is not just a bluff. Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy stated that until this moment there are five teachers who are threatened to be fired for cheating.

This was conveyed by Muhadjir when meeting with the teachers and principals in Aru Regency, yesterday. Muhadjir was in Aru Islands to review the implementation of UN SMA/MA. He did not say where the location the teachers were teaching so that the team could work well in the investigation.

He has promised to punish teachers who commit fraud on the USBN or the UN. The sanctions are imposed for a deterrent effect. Investigations until the dismissal recommendations are issued will involve the teachers’ professional organization. Although the five teachers were threatened to be dismissed, the process does not occur immediately; because it still awaits the investigation results on the ground from the Kemdikbud Inspector General (Itjen) team. Then it will also be considered the response from the teachers’ professional organization. So essentially, Kemendikbud is limited to recommending the imposition of sanction of dismissal. It is not Kemendikbud which fires the teachers.

Muhadjir also asserted that at this moment Kemendikbud is intensively campaigning on upholding honesty in school. Teachers’ fraudulency including on the final exam, is similar to cutting the mentality of children who are being nurtured to be honest. Muhadjir does not want any teacher to help students cheat during the exam for any reason.

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