Five Day School Reaps Opposition from Regions

Media Indonesia, page 11

The five-day school policy posted by the Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy was rejected in the regions. Surakarta City Council members sent a letter to Mendikbud in order to reject the five-day school policy in the new school year. They also held a demonstration and oration outside the fence of the Surakarta City Council (DPRD Surakarta). One of the members of DPRD Surakarta, Sukasno expected the government to consider the psychological pressure on children with a five-day school.

Educational observer Indra Charismiadji said, implementation of the whole day school as contained in the Character Strengthening Program (PPK) is not suitable to be applied in all regions. It is only suitable for urban areas, whereupon students’ parents work eight hours a day.

Chairperson of the Board of the Association of Indonesian Teachers (PGRI) Unifah Rosyidi asked the government to think about the education of children in the early grades of primary school, namely grades 1 to 4. What programs are for them in such a length of time?   He also reminded the government to consider recess, play, nutrition fulfillment, and communicating with families which is still greatly needed for early childhood development.

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