Making Orderly Poor Student Quotas

Kompas, page 12

The Ministry of Education and Culture asks each school to prepare a minimum quota of 20 percent for poor students in new student admissions.  However, the mechanism should not be misused so that the available benches/seats are actually filled with eligible students. Director General of Primary and Secondary Education Kemdikbud Hamid Muhammad said the criteria for poor students could refer to the criteria of school operational assistance (BOS) or be set by the local regions, such as social agencies.

In Central Java, the use of underprivileged certificates (SKTM) on state high school/vocational high school new student admissions is misused. Although categorized as poor, some parents use SKTM for the sake of easing their children into favorite schools. Chairman of the School Principals Working Group of SMAN/SMKN Semarang, Wiharto said all SMAN/SMKN in Semarang has established a verification team to ensure there is no abuse of SKTM.

Verification is done to students who enroll for the poor family quota of 20 percent, but their validity is suspect.  Those who engineered SKTM are not only of low scores. There are also those with high scores, but their parents still arrange for SKTM. The reasoning is that students with SKTM have additional points.

A number of parents urged the government to review the new student admissions policy by SKTM. The reason is there are often found indications of fraud in making SKTM for getting students into targeted schools.  One of the parents, Wara Merdekawati (30), assessed that giving additional points to SKTM holder students was detrimental. Students with SKTM get additional special points so they can shift students’ ranking in the regular registration path.

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