Foreign Students Facilitated

Kompas, page 11

The increase in the number of foreign students in universities in Indonesia is one of the measures towards world-class universities. A number of steps are prepared, among others, by facilitating study permit service and issuance of student visa for foreign students. The facility in student visa arrangement for foreign students is stipulated in the Integrated Service and Student Visa Agreement in Jakarta last weekend.

Director General of Institutional Science and Technology and Higher Education of Kemristek Dikti, Patdono Suwignjo said that the purpose of this cooperation agreement was to integrate systems. The administrative process of foreign students studying in Indonesia is becoming simpler. Permit uncertainty prompts his directorate to be protested by local universities and the embassies of the foreign students’ country of origin. Now, it is expected that within a week the study permit can be issued, if all documents are complete.

Meanwhile, Director General of Immigrations, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Ronny F Sompie said that before this cooperation, there had not been any special visa given for foreign students. The presence of student visa will make it easier for foreign students to study at universities in Indonesia. He also promised to provide ease of visa and residence permits for foreign professors who teach in Indonesia.

Director of Higher Education Institutional Development, Kemristek Dikti, Totok Prasetyo said that the number of foreign students in Indonesia was still below 7,000 people. Throughout the year 2016, 6,967 study permits have been issued. The most number of foreign students come from Timor-Leste (2,107 people), Malaysia (1,217), and Thailand (659). In addition there are also those from China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and other countries. The most popular study programs include Indonesian language for foreign speakers, medicine, management, civil engineering, and management science.

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