Competition encourages fun, creative methods of teaching

The Jakarta Post, page 4

Wiranto, a fine arts teacher, drew cheers and laughter from the audience as he demonstrated his method of teaching, which included a rap.

The teacher from SMA Negeri 1 Wonosegoro state high school in Boyolali, Central Java, was one of five finalists selected from a total of 122 participants of the Innovative High School Teachers Competition in Semarang, Central Java. All the finalists demonstrated on stage their innovative teaching methods in an event held at the School of Culture and Literature at Semarang State University last Thursday.

Wearing a tilted cap that read “Jordan” (referring to legendary American basketball player Michael Jordan), Wiranto stole the show with his unique yet creative way of presenting a lesson. Accompanied by pounding music, as well as dozens of SMA Negeri 5 state high school students who were acting as his pupils, he presented a rap performance as a way to kick off a lesson.

The way he communicated was very casual, using a mix of Javanese and English, and creating a lively ambience in the classroom. When he explained various genres of fine art, he used a computer and showed his students several paintings. Wiranto won second place at the provincial-level competition with his unique and memorable presentation.

Another participant, Niansari Susapto Putri, a teacher of cultural performance art at SMA Negeri 1 Karangkobar state high school in Banjarnegara, also captured the audience’s attention. She said that she asked her students to make use of trash to create their own dance costumes to promote environmental conservation.  At the end of the event, Niansari was announced as the firstplace winner in the competition.

The third-place winner of the competition was Bayu Wijanarko, a biology teacher at SMA Science Plus Baitul Qur’an Boarding School in Sragen, Central Java. He demonstrated his lesson about the human cardiovascular system in an interactive way.

Wardi, a lecturer at the university who is also one of the judges of the competition, said that innovative ways of teaching were important to motivate students. The annual competition serves as a chance for teachers to demonstrate their innovative methods of teaching.

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