America Facilitates Doctoral Scholarship for Lecturers

Koran Sindo, page 2

United States of America (AS) through the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (Aminef) facilitates doctoral program for lecturers. This program is essential as Indonesia is still lacking 15,000 doctors. This was stated by the Director General (Dirjen) of Resources for Science and Higher Education (SDID) of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) Ali Ghufron Mukti, yesterday.

Ghufron explained that his officials have already signed the extension of the cooperation through to 2021 with Aminef, which is one of Kemenristekdikti’s partners in facilitating master scholarship for lecturers to various well-known universities in USA. Such scholarship is in Fulbright-Risktedikti scheme.

Starting in 2017, Ghufron continued, the quota for the doctoral program has been upgraded to 50 people a year. In addition, the scholars or post-doctoral researchers are able to conduct research for four to six month at accredited universities in USA.

Ghufron added that such scholarship was provided for study period of three years, which could be extended to four years. After completing the study, the lecturers are required to devote themselves to campus in terms of teaching and continuing their research. Moreover, they also should be productive and publish their results in reputable international journals.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Aminef, Alan H Feinsten, believes that there will be numerous lecturers in Indonesia utilizing this prestigious opportunity to study and carry out research in USA. He continued that this Fulbright program has already been running since 2009 with 180 grants. These consist of doctoral degree (120 grants), master degree (24 grants), and post-doctoral research (34 grants).


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