Senior High Schools (SMA) should Accept Students with Disabilities

Media Indonesia, page 25

Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java requires all Senior High Schools (SMA) to accept three students with disabilities among new student admissions this year. The students will be accepted through the affirmation path, together with students from indigent families who receive 20% of the total quota, non-academic achievement path (10%), and cooperation between schools and third parties (10%).

The Head of Education Board of West Java, Ahmad Hadadi stated that students accepted through the academic path reached 60% in SMA level and 70% in SMK level. Students with non-academic achievement such as in the field of sports, arts, and religion have the right to register even though their academic scores do not meet the requirements.

Meanwhile, cooperation with a third party is in use for schools residing on land or buildingd owned by Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), and children of TNI families receive a quota to be accepted. New Student Admission of Senior High School/Vocational High School (PPDB SMA/SMK) of West Java will be opened on June 6 to 14 for the non-academic path, July 3 to 8 for the SMA academic path, and July 3 to 10 for SMK.






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