Empower Women with Education

Kompas, page 11

Education that intellectualizes women should be regarded as an investment for the future of the nation.  It is time for women to be empowered by providing them access to quality education without discrimination. This statement was conveyed by a number of women’s organizations that are joined in the Women Love Education Movement, in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/3). This movement aims to be a partner for the government to improve access and quality of education for women.

Chairperson of the Organizer Chistian Aryani said poor woman and the marginalized should obtain education.  In essence, women obtain education from outside the school as lifelong education. Children and young women can have an equal chance to develop the potential and continuing on to higher education.

Director General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education Harris Iskandar said women as mothers become the first and foremost teacher for their children. However, not many women acquire the knowledge and ability as a teacher at home. According to Harris, women must obtain education and training to be able to prepare the nation’s next intelligent generation.  It starts from the family, then the school and the community.

Meanwhile, Head of Sub-directorate Literacy Education and Reading Culture Kemdikbud Samto said, girls have the potential to succeed if given access to quality education. From the numeric data of school-age students in kindergarten-SMA/SMK it is apparent that the repetition and dropout rate of female students is lower than male students.

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