Strong wave takes teachers’ lives inPapua hinterland

The Jakarta Post, page 2

Lilis Setiawati, 23, an elementary school teacher assigned to Bayun, Pantai Kasuari district, Asmat regency, can no longer fulfill her service to teach children in Papua’s hinterland, because the 15-horsepower fiberglass boat she was on with several other teachers in the Bayun River estuary was hit and sunk by a strong wave.

Seven passenger of the boat, including Lilis, were killed in the accident, while four survived by swimming and were saved by locals.

Lilis was contract teachers assigned to elementary school SD YPPK Bayun. She was undertaking the trip to Bayun on Monday to assume her duties as a teacher.

The secretary of the Asmat regency Education Agency, Jacobus Gedu, said that the victims had just signed the contract with the local administration on Saturday. Lilis was a graduate of the Teacher Training College’s (KPG) undergraduate program in Merauke. Her assignment to Bayun was her first as a teacher.

The boat sank on Monday in the Bayun River estuary. Eleven people were on board of the boat, four of whom were teachers. The boat was to have gone to Pirimapun village in Sarfan district as its final destination, but it was first to have stopped at Bayun village to drop Lilis off. When the boat was hit by the wave, all the passengers fell into the river.

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